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Vacuum Blowers

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For applications like combustion of oil/gas small quantities of air at high pressure are required. These blowers are difficult to design due to high speeds involved with such design. High speed causes severe hoop & radial stresses. The heavy impeller inertias causes motor starting problems as well. We have expertise to offer best solution. Proper selection of high tensile steels, proper selection of bearings with high dynamic loading & high speed, with proper bearings with high dynamic loading & high speed, with proper bearing housings play an important role in successful application.

These blowers also used for high vacuum applications as well, and one such application in paper mills, for removing moisture from mould of paper making has found importance as it replaces low efficiency vacuum pump. The recent trend of replacing vacuum pumps with such blowers is opening the vistas for energy saving. The hallmark for vistas for such a design is demonstrated in manufacture of blower having capacity of 4CFM at 40″ WGSP.