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Rotary Air Locks


Cascade make Rotary Air Lock Valves are available in standard range of 150mm to 750mm dia. models as per IS 12059-1987 suitably designed for applications like handling lumps, chips, fibers, hard granules powder, cement etc. Body is made of closed grain cast iron up to sizes of 450 mm & thereafter fabricated either from carbon steel plate or erosion resistant material & are closely machined.

Rotor is fabricated in M S or S S with EN-8 shaft, entire assembly with vane edges being machined accurately & mounted on ball bearings located in two side covers with sealing arrangement. Special fiber, rubber strips, M S or S S strips are bolted on the edges of vanes for close fit between housing & rotor to avoid air leakage. Special constructions are offered for high temperature application, for handling highly abrasive and different materials, food etc. Drive consists of either Geared motor driving rotor through chain sprocket or assembly of Electric motor & Gear Box through chain sprocket. Torque limiting arrangement & speed variator proximity switches for zero speed can be incorporated. We also advise on selection of proper size & speed using our vast experience. Proper selection of filling efficiency, size & speed, power plays important role.