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Pulse Air Jet Bag Filters

Pulse Jet Filters are designed to give continuous operation, wilst handling a high dust burden at filtration efficiencies often in excess of 99.9%. Dust load decides filteration velocities.

Salient Features:

  • Tubular bags with laser cut tube plate- For better sealing/long bag life& dust release.
  • Compact size – Relative to filter area available
  • ‘No tool’ bag change – no lost nuts, clamps, spanners.
  • Reduced compressed air consumption – by design & control which can be adjusted to match bag length and application parameters.
  • Low entry velocity of gases and distributor increases bag life.
  • Double beaded snapband cuff bags provide efficient and simple seal arrangement.
  • High temperature operations upto 250 degree C.
  • Good access to bags and controls.
  • Maximum usable filter area by sitting venturies out of bags.
  • Epoxy or stainless steel optimal finishes.
  • Top/side removal bags as standard with option of split cages for limited headroom.


Panel construction is from mild steel with welded & sealed joints. Panels are suitably ribbed. Bag inspection panels are incorporated in casing. The clean air chamber is fitted with removable lids are sloped slightly for drainage of water, as many times, filters are placed for outdoor duty.

Compressed Air Equipments:
Heavy duty steel pipe forms the distribution manifold 1″ NB sockets at both ends. One end the filter/regular is fitted. Tank has drain connections at the bottom. The valves are provided with canopy or hinged cover for outdoor applications. Pulse jet dust collector valves are quick acting diaphrams type with pilot solenoid operations.
Filter Fabrics:
Polyester felt has proved to be suitable for majority of applications. Other fabrics are available where nature of dust or conveying air demands alternate materials. Polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, fiberglass, nomex, ryton, P84, teflon fabric bags for temperatures from 77 degrees C to 260 degrees C are available.

Pleated Bags:
We can also fit pleated bags in the same body, as we provide same size bags as that of bags with pleated construction to increase filter area 100 to 200%.

Special Bag Treatment:
Bags can be conditioned to absorb hydrocarbons and moisture and increasing efficiency. Antistatic/spark inhibiting treating is also possible.

Solenoid Valves & Electronic Controller:
Pulse Jet dust collector valves are located in protected area, and easily accessible. They are pilot operated solenoid valves, are two way normally closed type initiated by 215V signal. Controller incorporates the latest microprocessor technology with variable controls for interval between, and duration of, pulse. Light emitting diode flashes as each output is energised in sequence.

Description & Operation:
Filter unit comprises of housing and number of filtering elements with wire cage supported cylindrical bags made from fabric, each bag being mounted individually into filter body with bag / cage / ventury sub-assembly. Air for pulse jet cleaning is carried by tubes running above the rows of bags to jet nozzles projecting into ventury throats. Rapid acting diaphragm valves are triggered by solenoid pilot valves which in turn are controlled by electronic timer.
Dusty air passes from outside of bag surface. The precast pulse at interval keeps cleaning rows one after another, while rest of the filter is in the operation continuously.
No tool bag change is possible with removal of wing nut on union, which enables to remove ventury and cage leaving bag inside.