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Plant & Process Ventilation Systems

Cascade has vast experience in designing Industrial Ventilation systems falling under following categories.

Dilution Ventilation is dilution of contaminated air with uncontaminated air for the purpose of controlling potential air borne health hazard, fire and explosive conditions, odors & nuisance type contaminants. Dilution Ventilation will also include control of air borne contaminants like vapors, gases & particulates generated within congested buildings. Heat control ventilation is control of indoor atmosphere conditions associated with hot industrial environments, such as are found in Foundries, Steel Rolling Mills, Forge Shops etc. for the purpose of preventing acute discomfort. These systems are designed after carrying out on the spot study and gathering required data. Suitable equipments such as Propeller Fans, Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Evaporative Coolers, Chillers are installed along with supply / exhaust grills, ducts, filters etc. to make Ventilation System work satisfactorily. All ventilation systems are tested at the time of initial installation to verify the volumetric flow rates and for setting of dampers and other flow control devices.
Main types of systems are:

Room Pressurization / clean room ventilation.
Ventilation for comfort / A.C. system
Evaporative cooling with pads & direct spray in very hot spot.
Local Exhaust Systems as per ACGIHA for fume, dust control.