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Industrial Mancoolers


CascadeĀ man coolers are designed for robust & rugged construction to withstand severe conditions in Foundries, Steel rolling mills, Forge shops, Steel melting shops etc. where man coolers are used for human comfort. CascadeĀ man coolers are available in three types.
Floor mounted Tubular Man cooler.
Pedestal Mounted.
Wall or Bracket Mounted.
And are designed in such a way that peak air velocity is maintained around 150 M3/sec. at distance of 15 diameter away which ensures effectiveness of these units.

Standard available models are in diameters of 450mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm 1000mm & 1200mm with motor rating varying from 1/2HP to 10 HP at 1440 Rpm. Impellers are either in cast Aluminium with aerofoil section blades or fabricated in carbon steel plates. They are housed in steel housing or are guarded with heavy wire guards with heavy weight pedestal. Impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO Grade G 6.3. Entire assembly is painted in Smoke Gray Air Drying Enamel paint.