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Industrial Fume & Dust Control Systems

Cascade has designed, installed & commissioned various types of Fume & Dust Control system in various Industries. In industries, there are various processes like, grinding buffing, sawing & cutting, mixing, pouring, shaking, and tumbling, screening, material transfers, which gives rise to generation of dust & processes like pickling etching, metal cleaning, electroplating, welding, painting give rise of fumes. These dusts and fume may be toxic & hazardous in nature & hence need be exhausted as soon as they are generated without allowing them to mix up with factory atmosphere. Each source of fume & dust has individual characteristic with respect to quantity, rate and contour of emission / generation. These characteristics are studied carefully & are quantified. Exhaust air quantities are decided based on scientific calculations and established data collected by National / International Agencies. Suitable exhauster (Centrifugal Fan or Axial Fan) is chosen for designed volumes / pressure values and strength. Ducting is suitably designed, Dust or Fume separator device is designed, all forming part of Fume / Dust Control System. All care is taken not to disturb working of process or visibility by proper location of collection of collecting hood. All dust & fume collection systems are tested at the time of initial installation to verify volumetric flow rates & for setting of dampers and other flow control devices.