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Centrifugal Ventilation Fans


Cascade has variety of designs in Centrifugal Fans developed in different pressure & volume ranges & for various applications such as,
General Ventilation Fans.
High Pressure Blowers.
Boiler Fans.
Material Handling Fans.
Cement Fans.

Cascade Centrifugal Fans are highly efficient to the extent of 88% maximum total efficiency & are silent in operation. Fans are factory tested for performance as per IS 4894 before dispatch. Fans shafts, bearings, vee belt drives are scientifically and economically designed for longer & maintenance free life of fan. Impellers are aerodynamically designed, manufactured & dynamically balanced for noiseless and efficient operations.
Casings are of rugged design with splitting arrangement for large diameters. Fan capacities vary in volumetric range from 100 M3/sec to 2,37,600 M3/Hr from static pressure range from 25mm to 1800 mm WG. Fans in still higher ranges of volume & pressure can be supplied. These fans are fabricated from carbon steels, stainless steel, high tensile alloy steels or highly non-abrasive steels. VIV Dampers can be supplied at inlet of fan to save power at varying operating conditions.
We also undertake retrofitting of fans by establishing existing operating point of fans and offering high performance fans for the same duty and thereby saving substantial power.