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Axial Flow Fans


Cascade Axial Fans are indigenously designed & tested for performance. Sizes of these fans vary from 300mm to 2000mm with delivery volume ranging from 1500 M3/hr to 250,000 M3/hr & static pressure ranges up to 250mm WGSP.

Impellers up to 1000mm dia. are either in Cast Aluminum with Aerofoil section blades or possibly constructed in carbon steel. Impellers above 1000mm dia. are constructed in carbon steel construction. Impellers & housings can be constructed in any other materials like alloy steels, stainless steels to suit flow conditions and parameters like high temperature application, corrosive gases etc. Tube Axial Fans with inlet and / or outlet guide vanes with bell mouth inlet and outlet diffuser can be supplied with improved static pressure gain for large fans. Axial Fans are available in following configuration.
Wall Mounting Fan
Tube Axial Fan.
Bifurcators Fan.
Vee belt driven Axial Fans.
Two stage Axial Flow Fans.
All Impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO Grade G – 6.3.
All Fans are factory tested for performance as per IS 3588