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Sno 624/9, Kuruli, Tal-khed, M I D C, Pune, Maharashtra 411009.
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Pulse Air Jet Bag Filters

Pulse Jet Filters are designed to give continuous operation, wilst handling a high dust burden at filtration efficiencies often in excess of 99.9%. Dust load decides filteration velocities.

Plant & Process Ventilation Systems

We stand by our service

Cascade has vast experience in designing Industrial Ventilation systems.

Vacuum Blowers

These blowers are difficult to design due to high speeds involved with such design.

Centrifugal Ventilation Fans

Bringing you top value

Cascade has variety of designs in Centrifugal Fans developed in different pressure & volume ranges & for various applications.

Cyclone Separators

Cascade make Cyclone Separators are designed for specified air flow and separation efficiency.

Industrial Mancoolers

Focus on your business

Cascade man coolers are designed for robust & rugged construction to withstand severe conditions.


We will take care of your industrial product manufacturing & services and take the load off you.

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Administrative services

Focus on your business

Let our dedicated staff take care of al your administrative services. Paperwork, contracts, legal,… we take care of all the boring things.

International Standards

We will maintained standards

For Production we have maintained standards to deliver quality good.



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For a live discusion or consulting request a phone call back. Submit your info via the form and one of our expert advisor will get i touch in 24 hours or just send us an email.

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